Proposal to reduce speed limit through village

MORE PLANS are being drawn up in a bid to see the speed limit through Tyninghame reduced.

Currently, the speed limit through the village, which is on the B1407, is 60mph. However, concerns have been raised at Dunpender Community Council about it being too high.

It comes on the back of a meeting in Tyninghame Village Hall on June 22, after concerns were raised about speeding on the nearby A198 and A199.

Police in the area have been carrying out proactive patrols, with at least two drivers issued with fixed penalty tickets.

At the time, Community Sergeant Scott Nicolson told the Courier: “Following the public meeting, we’ve been able to focus our efforts on deterring and detecting dangerous driver behaviour in the areas highlighted to us.

“We also received a number of calls from concerned residents as a result and I want to reassure the community that we’ll act on all the information we receive.”

Also at the meeting was Councillor Michael Veitch, the local authority’s spokesman for roads and transport.

He added: “A very well attended site meeting took place with a large number of people from around the village, as well as police and East Lothian Council.

“The main issue of concern was the speed of vehicles both through the Main Street but also on the A198, which, of course, runs right past the village.

“The things being considered were the prospect of a 40mph speed limit on the A198 and 30mph or less through the village itself.”

One potential complication would be the lack of street lighting in the village.

Mr Veitch told the Courier there was “a longstanding assumption” that an absence of street lighting meant a 30mph speed limit could not be introduced.

However, this is now being explored to try to find a definitive answer before any moves are made to take the idea of reducing the speed limit further.

Constable Gavin Ross highlighted the issue at the Dunbar and East Linton Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) meeting recently.

He was among those at the public meeting in Tyninghame and added: “It will start with speed measuring strips going down.

“They have to be in place to justify any changes that they make.

“They put the strips in place for a week, two weeks, to find out if there is an issue.”

Members also agreed to make speeding motorists on the A198, near Tyninghame, one of their three priorities ahead of the group’s next meeting on August 11.

This article appeared in the East Lothian Courier 2nd August 2016

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