Wednesday walks

Summer 2022: Our Wednesday walking group is taking a break until the foreseeable future.

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Another unusually warm day of sunshine for a walk to Mosshouse Point and back along the salt marsh to the pasture on the south side of Tyninghame House.

We saw a wonderful number of birds including greylag geese, curlews and a little egret. We also enjoyed watching a common seal pull itself onto the grassy bank and settle beside a post. You can just see it in the photo below right.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Today we were so fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day in the middle of a week of heavy showers and wind. We took the 1:34 bus to Belhaven and walked back to Tyninghame along the John Muir Way. The colours on the salt marsh were wonderful, the sun was warm and the company excellent. Half way along we sat and enjoyed some of Erica’s mint tea and Shireen’s flapjacks!

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Walks have continued this summer with smaller numbers as visits to family and friends and the return to work for some have taken precedence.

Today three of us parked at Tyninghame Links car park and walked round St Baldred’s Cradle to Ravensheugh Sands. The day was sunny, warm and had very little wind so we all went swimming! We had come prepared but hadn’t expected the sea to be so inviting and the day so glorious.

We were really pleased to see the results of all the hard work put in by the Country Park Rangers this year. The area was litter free and was a huge improvement to how it was during and after lockdown in 2020. Car parking spaces were available. The preferred option to walk to the beach from Tyninghame is unfortunately  too hazardous at the moment with fast traffic, locked gates and livestock.



Wednesday 19 May 2021

The group took on 5K May for Centrepoint by participating in a 5K walk and donating £5 to Centrepoint, helping to bring an end to youth homelessness. Here is what some of the group said after the walk from Dunbar to Tyninghame along the John Muir Way.

“What a perfect afternoon”. “Memorable! Very happy afternoon on all fronts! Company, landscape, cake!”. “Great company-great conversations and incredible land…how lucky we are.”



Wednesday 17 March 2021

With restrictions easing a little we are once again enjoying our group walks. Today we took advantage of the A198 being closed for repairs and walked along it towards the track leading to the estuary. It was a beautiful warm sunny day as we walked beside the Tyne back to Tyninghame, crossing the old bridge onto the Wilderness field.


Wednesday 10 February 2021

The walk to Mosshouse Point today provided spectacular scenery, stunning colours and magical skies.


Wednesday 6 January

We followed the new guidelines on our first walk of 2021. Once again the weather was kind to us even if a bit chilly!

Our walk took us along Ladies Walk to the Wee Bridge where we followed the path through woodland along the River Tyne called The Jetty. We crossed the river at Tyninghame Bridge on the A198 and walked south on the edge of the field to Ware Road. This is part of the John Muir way towards the Tyne Estuary. At the estuary we headed north towards Mosshouse Point and then east along Buist’s Embankment. We crossed the river again on the iron footbridge and headed back to Tyninghame across the field called The Wilderness.

Tyne Estuary
Old iron bridge

Wednesday 30 December

It was a beautiful sunny day for the final walk of 2020. Where better to go than to Mosshouse Point-one of our favourite places.

Mosshouse point

Wednesday 16 December

Once again we had a lovely dry afternoon for a fairly short walk over to Binning Wood where we did a circular walk through the woods. It is always so good to chat and catch up with each other. Erica kindly allowed us to start and return through her orchard.

Pine tree ridge to Binning wood

Wednesday 9 December 2020

It was a dry but cloudy afternoon for a short walk this week along the John Muir way towards the ford and the bridge at Knowes. The Tyne was very muddy and was rushing along after a lot of rain had fallen this week. We spotted the red breasted merganser keeping well into the side of the bank. There are still lots of beautiful hawthorn berries on the hedges.

Spacing out at the ford.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

We had yet another beautiful sunny but rather chilly day for our walk which took us in a circular route from Tyninghame to the pastures on the northern side of Tyninghame House and eventually back through the pastures on the southern side of Tyninghame House.

In order to avoid walking up the A198 we walked through Erica’s orchard and crossed the A198 at West Lodge. We followed route A on the walks maps. At the Tyninghame House curtilage we had a bit of a scramble through the fence to get into the field in order to avoid having to climb the barbed wire fences! After reaching Tyninghame Links our walk took us along a track past the salt marsh where we sat on the lovely stone bench and had some of Erica’s mint tea. On our walk back up the Avenue and onto the pastures, we enjoyed seeing the Tyne at a very high tide and the sun setting behind the trees giving a beautiful light through the branches. We all marvel at being able to enjoy such a wonderful corner of East Lothian.


A helping hand!


Wednesday 25 November 2020

We had a beautiful sunny afternoon for our walk to the Biel Estate. After crossing over the railway line via the bridge off the A199 at the junction with the A198, we walked south along an excellent track and road, eventually dipping down through the woods to Biel Water. We followed a beautiful path through lovely woodland not realising that we were entering a private garden. We apologised profusely to the owners who were busy in the garden. They were very kind and directed us on our way. We found our way back onto the road and headed north through an avenue of beautiful trees, Yew tree avenue,  before getting back onto the road leading to the railway bridge.

Bridge at Biel Water


Wednesday 18 November 2020

The weather wasn’t at its best as we set off for a walk to Newbyth Woods. It soon cleared and was warm and dry for a short while. Our walk took us up past St Baldred’s Cottage and down Pine Path to Binning Wood. We walked west crossing over the road into Newbyth Woodland and followed the paths in East Wood, stopping briefly at the little lake with its solitary swan. We walked on a very good gravel path which went past the Old Mansion House. The heavens opened so we turned back and found our way back to Binning Wood and on to Tyninghame. Our walk was about 3 hours long with beautiful autumn colours in the woods and fields.

Did anyone bring some cake?
Lake, East Wood
Lake,East Wood
Old Mansion House, Newbyth

Wednesday 11 November 2020

We had a gentle walk along the B1407 road towards East Linton and down to the ford at Knowes Mill. Our walk followed the John Muir Way to Phantassie where we crossed over to the Bostock Bakery. A sit down with a cup of tea and cake was a welcome break. Our walk home took us past Preston Mill and back onto the road to Tyninghame.

Social distancing


Wednesday 4 November 2020

The walk took us to the south of Tyninghame House through the cattle fields which are now empty. We had a warm, sunny and calm afternoon for our walk to Mosshouse Point. The view is fabulous and Scots pine trees make a beautiful backdrop. We walked down onto the salt marsh and round it heading towards Tyninghame Links. Curlews numbered about 100 on the marsh. We came full circle and walked back along the fields stopping to take a look at St Baldred’s church.

Woodland at Mosshouse Point
Mosshouse Point
Tyninghame saltmarsh
At St Baldred’s


Wednesday 28 October 2020

We had another beautiful sunny afternoon for our group walk. Four of us walked south on the edge of the fields alongside the A198, crossing the Tyne at Tyninghame Bridge, until we reached the John Muir Way going east towards Dunbar. On reaching the Tyne estuary we rested on one of Barry’s beautiful benches and enjoyed the stunning views. It’s worth taking binoculars with you as it’s a lovely place for a spot of bird watching. We walked back going north along the estuary and we followed the Tyne towards the A198 and Tyninghame Bridge.

Tyne Estuary
Tyninghame Bridge
The Tyne



Wednesday 14 October 2020

We started our Wednesday walks with an afternoon walk led by Erica W. Five of us met up and walked through Erica’s beautiful organic orchard with lovely views over the village towards the Lammermuir Hills. We followed the Pine Path to Binning Wood and then went along the Garleton Walk towards Tyninghame Links exploring the woods as we went. We spotted a lovely group of long-tailed tits in the trees. We came across the dormant Woodlands Craft School which was a good stopping place to enjoy one of Erica’s apples. Our walk returned to Tyninghame over the stubble fields. Erica pointed out the original Lime Tree Walk which was such a surprise and really beautiful.

Lime Tree Walk
The Orchard
Garleton Walk
Tea break