Community Engagement & Events

Tyninghame’s Village Hall is central to community life and bringing people together, stimulating and organising community activities and events.  

2020 Community Consultation – this summer a survey was undertaken of everyone who lives in the Tyninghame area to find out more about what people value about living here, what are people’s main concerns, what improvements they would like to see and whether they wish to get actively involved. In summary the consultation was a positive experience with around 40 residents giving feedback. This feedback suggests that there is an appetite for further activities and projects in and around the village e.g. safer road crossings/traffic calming, preserving and understanding village history, wilding of common areas (wild flowers).


A number of drop in sessions will be held on the 3rd , 4th and 5th of October 2020 at which time local residents will be invited to attend and help us develop and expand on those ideas already provided in the July consultation process.

During this session we will also use the opportunity to show case what the villagers got up to during lockdown, This will include a small exhibition celebrating  the ideas from the” Art In the Bus Shelter” competition and photographs and ideas from Villagers who during the early days of lockdown learnt new and developed existing skills. 

Community Events – Our regular programme of community events has been disrupted by the Covid-19 restrictions on large indoor gatherings. In the meantime, we are using the community consultation to develop a new programme of community activities and events for the coming year.
Dunpender Community Council is the statutory representative forum for addressing local issues related to planning, roads/traffic, environment, nature/wildlife conservation, footpaths/access, and improving local amenities. The Council includes representatives from East Linton, Tyninghame, Lawhead, Whitekirk, Whittinghame, Markle and Haddington.
Dunbar & East Linton Area Partnership brings together key organisations, groups, businesses and individuals from across the public, private and third sectors and from local community councils to collectively work together.