Recent/Upcoming Events

Apple pressing event September 2021

We held the first community apple pressing event at Tyninghame Village Hall on Sunday 12th September using the new apple pressing equipment. We pressed about 10 trugs of apples in about 4 hours doing almost 4 full presses. It was great fun and we produced a lot of very tasty apple juice. We hope to run another similar event next month.

Bric-a-Brac sale August 2021

Members of the community organised a very successful bric-a-brac sale in the Hall on Saturday 25 August. The event was run in order to raise some much needed funds for continuing with the Village Hall refurbishment.

Eleven tables were booked for a £10 donation, with stall holders coming from Dunbar, East Linton and Tyninghame. One table was reserved for the Hall with goods donated specifically for Village Hall funds. Visitors paid a £1 donation to come in with children being allowed in for free. We had over 170 adults and about 30 children at the Hall over the course of the day, despite the rather wet weather in the afternoon.

You can see from the photos below that we had a wonderful range of items for sale from vintage clothes and jewellery to previously loved teddy bears looking for a good home. We had never seen so much bric-a-brac all in one place!

The day was a success because it was very much a community event open to everyone. It gave people a chance to clear out and offer once loved items to others. It allowed people to chat and share stories about some of their bric-a-brac. It enabled children to enjoy spending their wee bit of pocket money on a toy or book at a bargain price of 20p! 

Stall holders all enjoyed their day and said “ We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the sale- my first one. Glad it was a success”, “It was great to be doing something more normal”, “Lovely lady just gave our son a guitar- he was delighted” and finally “ are you having another?”

We are very grateful to those who donated items and to those who gave us their time to help set up the Hall or helped out on the day. We also say a huge thank you to the stall holders and to all the lovely people who came to the event and supported us.

Items left at the end of the day are being donated to Zero Waste.

Funds raised for the Hall are expected to be in the region of £450. Stall holders achieved takings in the region of £70 upwards.

Art in the Bus Stop September 2021

The theme of this year’s Bus Stop Art is~”Sea & Space, Stars & Skies”~open to all ages!

Let your imagination run free and create something over the summer. This can be a collage, a painting, a drawing or something in papier-mâché. Remember to put your initials on the back of your entry. Children can also add their age.

There will be prizes and everyone can vote for their favourites.

Closing date for entries is Sunday 12th September 2021. On show in the bus stop from Monday 13th September 2021. We are now delaying this by one week as swallows are still nesting and raising chicks! New deadline is Sunday 19th September.

Entries can be left in the collection box outside the front door of 3 Tyninghame Mains.

Tyninghame House and Walled Garden Open Day 4 July 2021

The Open Day in aid of the Village Hall was held on 4 July and was a great success. Between the gate money, teas and plant sale, Scotland’s Gardens Scheme made just over £4000. 60% of that total goes to the Village Hall, which received just under £2500. The remainder (40% of the total) is divided between Scotland’s Gardens Scheme charities –  The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland, Maggies and Perennial. A HUGE thank you to all our volunteer bakers and helpers – we really couldn’t have done it without you. The weather was kind to us and it was good fun being able to meet and chat and create our new outdoor, socially distanced teas!

Easter in Tyninghame 2-4 April 2021

At Easter the bus Shelter was brightly decorated by a group of grown up Easter bunnies, featuring hanging eggs, paper flowers, birds and art from many budding artists! The red Phone Box had a beautiful woodland display which the children loved especially all the ‘bunnies’ in there.

A nature trail  and a few other activities including an Easter quiz, word search and bird identification sheet were put in the Shelter. There was a wee basket for each of the children to collect their finds. Some of the activities to do were hop like a rabbit, spot the silver trees, name some birds on the feeders, collect a feather, spot the ‘animals’ in Frog Lane and paint a picture. A small reward was left for each child in a lidded box much to the delight of each and every one of them!

Alastair and Liz Stobbart kindly donated some carefully packed Hot Cross Buns which were a welcome treat for all and a basket of ‘hidden’ mini eggs for grandparents on the trail. 

It was a real a joy to hear excited children’s voices around the village on such a beautiful sunny weekend.

“Great fun! She enjoyed the hot cross bun thank you Liz and we’ll be painting eggs tomorrow so will place them in the bus shelter”

“So brilliant in fact the boys are desperate (& about to) embark on it for a second time – so many thanks! “

A sweet thank you note



12 Days of Christmas

To celebrate the festive season in 2020, the Tyninghame community displayed the Twelve Days of Christmas in windows throughout the village. In addition the bus shelter was given a festive overhaul and there was an opportunity to leave good wishes for fellow villagers or even messages for Father Christmas himself.

Partridge in a pear tree
Three French hens
Pipers piping
Seven swans a swimming




A note for Father Christmas
Nine ladies dancing

On Christmas Eve the villagers were treated to some lovely Christmas music played by Elinor Evans on the clarsach. We gathered at social distances on Main Street with our candle lamps while the sun set spectacularly.

Christmas Eve music
Christmas Eve outside the hall
Christmas Eve sunset

Christmas Wreath-Making Workshop – 6th December

Many thanks to those who took part in the Christmas wreath-making workshops in December, both in the Hall and at home. There were some very beautiful wreaths adorning the doors of Tyninghame village (and beyond!). The winner of the wreath-making workshop was Sabina Struthers and her wreath can be seen in the bottom left of the collage.

We are very grateful to all the organisers for their time and effort.

Tyninghame teasels and honesty