Get involved!


We have set up a number of sub groups as a way to encourage and enable greater community engagement adding value to community action. We warmly welcome all residents in the community and encourage those who want to get involved in village activity and action to join a group which is of interest to them. This is an ideal way to become involved without having to join the Committee. Just get in touch with the named contact for the group or chat to any of the TVHC committee members who will be happy to help you.

Our sub groups and activities are as follows with more details below:

1. community engagement for activities and events in and around the hall

2. working groups e.g village hall refurbishment, cricket pitch management

3. action groups e.g road safety, walking/footpaths, dog fouling 

4. various community activity groups e.g craft & connect, local history, singing etc

1.Community Engagement Group.

This group develops and coordinates community and family activities and events in and around the Hall.  We are totally dependent on volunteers to run these events and always welcome new ideas for fun things to bring the community together. Read more about regular events here.

If you would like to volunteer or share your skills in any way please get in touch by contacting Carol Crowther at

2.  Short term working groups

There are currently several TVHC community projects. These are sub groups of the main Committee which require a short term commitment to carry out and oversee the projects. They are time limited but require the efforts of a group of local people to help with generating ideas, carrying out consultations, developing plans, getting permissions, fund-raising and implementation. These working groups must include a committee member who can report back to the committee.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the ongoing projects listed below please get in touch at

a) Village Hall Refurbishment.

Currently this is a  very active project with a great deal having already been achieved. However  there is much more to do in terms of further upgrades which require more fundraising. We have an ambition to see the hall fully refurbished whilst retaining its unique characteristics which make it a very attractive and welcoming venue. If this is something that might interest you please contact Erica Wimbush at

b) Cricket Pitch Management.

The  group is on hold with regard to finding ways to pay for the mowing of the field and discussing, with the Estate, options for any future management proposals to enhance the area. We already know that future management options will be strictly limited by Lord Haddington. The TVHCC is awaiting further input from the Estate regarding a lease/license. If you are a regular user of this area and wish to be involved in future discussions around how we best manage it for all including our four- legged friends, please get in touch at

In addition a number of stand alone action /interest /activity groups exist. These groups have been supported by the Committee when required.

3.Community action groups

These groups were formed following the 2019 community engagement survey which was carried out to identify the major challenges facing our community and what people considered most important. Other areas of great interest and importance in the village were nature and wildlife and the environment.

a) Road safety.

This an area of great concern to local residents. We have secured some funding to put in place further traffic calming measures in and around the village. More needs to be done to make the village much safer for all. If this is an area of concern for you or your family and you would like to be involved, please get in touch. Contacts are Danny Wight on 07845 222774 or email and Rhys Green on 07514 942611.

b) Walking/Footpaths from the village to the coast and other local areas were not clearly identified. Maps showing the routes of several walks from the village were created. The group has been working with East Lothian Council together with landowners to try and establish safe walking routes. Work is in progress to establish a safe walking route to Binning Wood. Contacts are Danny Wight on 07845 222774 or email and Rhys Green on 07514 942611.

c) Dog fouling

This is also an area of great concern to local residents. In 2022 a new resident has been in touch with the council. The following is their report:-

“Update on the conversation with East Lothian Council and the local concerns over dog waste.
In essence I’ve been in an exchange of calls with one of the dog warden team. They are happy to increase patrols, accept information or evidence of dog fouling and follow up as far as it is practicable to do so.
They are able to provide additional signage and have added a sign to the waste bin in the village. More are available if we would like them.
East Lothian Council will support the collection of an additional bin however the cost of the bin (£450) will need to be met locally. I’ve a contact that may be able to assist with community funding for this, and will update when I’ve had those conversations.
If we are able to get an additional bin we can choose where to site it, subject to it being accessible by the council team to empty it.”

4. Community Activity Groups

Anyone is welcome to form a community activity group e.g. craft, walking groups, local history, singing, music or art with other interested individuals. If funding is needed in any way, please get in touch with anyone on the Committee who may be able to help identify ways to raise funds or generate income.The Village Hall is accessible to all in the community so please do discuss your requirements with a Committee Member. Read more about the regular community activity groups here where you can also find useful contacts.