Walking routes from Tyninghame

The walking routes outlined below (A, B, C, D) outline walks from Tyninghame. Each route begins with a map with some text describing features along the route (labelled A2, A3, etc) and with images and Ordnance Survey grid references.  It is simple to combine routes by walking out via one route and returning to Tyninghame via another.

Route B to Sandy Hirst involves opening gates only. The other routes require climbing over or through fences. All the routes involve opening and carefully closing farm gates and several fields have livestock in them so dogs must be kept on a lead.


Route A – Tyninghame to the coast via Tyninghame Links

Route B – Tyninghame to the coast at Sandy Hirst

Route C – Tyninghame to the coast at Mosshouse Point

Route D – Tyninghame to Binning Wood

When walking in the countryside please remember
the new Scottish Outdoor Access Code

  • Respect the interests of other people
  • Care for the Environment
  • Take responsibility for your own actions